Orbis Africa was established in 2010, and has its head office in Cape Town, South Africa.  Orbis Africa is part of Orbis International. As one of the leading members of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), Orbis is known for its prevention and treatment strategies against avoidable blindness.

The ultimate goal of Orbis Africa’s work is to preserve or restore the sight of people living in highly impoverished communities in Africa. We strengthen eye health systems from community through primary, secondary and tertiary levels and raise awareness to make sure that services are used by the target beneficiaries in the countries where we work.

We work with local partners throughout Africa to develop their capacity for accessible, high quality, sustainable eye health services for all, regardless of their ability to pay.


It is estimated that nearly a quarter of a million Cameroonians suffer from blindness…


More than one million Ethiopians are blind, and close to three million have low vision…


The need for child eye health services in Ghana is immense. It is estimated that 9 000 children…

South Africa

South Africa is home to an enormous blind population and has a severe shortage…


Zambia is one of the most impoverished countries in the world, with three-quarters…

Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda

Human Resources are the corner stone of any successful health system. Without them, …

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Women are more vulnerable to blindness than men

When existing structures are relied upon in an effective way, a great many women can seek the eye health they need. When they get the help they need, preventable blindness can be stopped in its tracks.

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Eye Care Checklist for Parents and Caregivers

This information was compiled by Dr. Dharmesh Parbhoo (consultant ophthalmologist …

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Traditional Healers Trained to Refer Eye-Care Cases

IMAGE: Ilembe District Eye coordinator Kenneth Mthunzi demonstrates the function …

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