Orbis Africa is committed to transparency both in our work and how we spend investors’ funding in our sight-saving programmes and initiatives. We invite you to review our latest annual report in order to gain a better understanding of our income, funding allocation and project spend.


• Orbis Africa Annual Report 2016
Orbis Africa Annual Report 2015
Orbis Africa Annual Report 2014
Orbis Africa Annual Report 2011 – 2013
Orbis Africa 2014 Budgeted Spend
2014 Global Annual Report


In 2016, 96% (up from 92% in 2015) of our income was invested directly in implementing blindness prevention training, screening, treatments and surgeries: 85% was a direct investment into programme delivery costs. 10% was used to support programme delivery and includes coordination costs. 5% was used for fundraising and communication costs.


Orbis Africa is grateful to our corporate sponsors for their support. This support means the world to those whose lives have been affected by severe visual impairment or blindness. These contributions range from major multi-year cash grants to critically needed gifts-in-kind for Orbis Africa medical training programmes. Orbis Africa’s corporate and foundation sponsors visibly share our long-term commitment to ending avoidable blindness throughout Africa.

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