Orbis’s Evolution: 35 Years and Counting

By Celia Yeung

It’s Monday and we’ve got a treat for you: our former CEO Mr Geoff Holland shared two incredible videos about the history of Orbis and the Flying Eye Hospital and if you’re keen on getting some more insight into what you, our supporters have made possible, get these on your watchlist asap!

The first one pays tribute to an extraordinary man, our founder and late CEO, Sir Oliver Foot. It features extremely valuable footage of many heads of state visiting the Flying Eye Hospital in the early 80’s and 90’s around the world, as well as inspiring quotes by our founder. Every Orbis supporter should watch this video to truly understand our history and how you have enabled our growth over the last 35 years.

The second clip takes us back to 2006 and looks at our (previous) Flying Eye Hospital and the development of Orbis over the years including our many country offices, long-term projects as well as the exciting Cybersight platform.

We hope you enjoy them (it almost feels like time-travel!) and feel free to share far and remember to subscribe!



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