Our Work

Africa is the continent with the highest prevalence of blindness with an estimated 4.8 million blind and 16.6 million people living with severe to moderate visual impairment. 75% suffer from conditions that treatable, curable or preventable.

According to Statistics South Africa, 435 109 people in South Africa have low vision but the majority of the ophthalmologists work in the urban areas and the private sector whereas the citizens most at risk live in rural areas. In Ethiopia, trachoma, an entirely preventable eye disease, is partly responsible for causing blindness in nearly a million people. Approximately 9 000 children in Ghana are blind – more than half these cases were avoidable.

In 2016 Orbis globally trained 40 000 eye-care professionals to treat vision impairment. Your supporting our interventions improved more than 3.5 million lives.