July 2018

Everybody always focuses on what you are NOT able to do, which obscures all the things that you are able to do.

By Emily Kroes

Local Haarlemmermeerlanden Rotary members had a chance to ‘see’ what it’s like to lose your sight. Blindfolded, they listened to a piece by Vincent Bijlo, a Dutch comedian and journalist who speaks about his experience of living with blindness.

Being a comedian he left a voice message to the Rotary club apologising for his absence explaining that him test-driving a self driving vehicle unfortunately lead him to be taken to the wrong address.

The event was hosted as a fundraiser and introduction to the work that Orbis Africa is doing to change the lives of people living with preventable or treatable blindness. Having been born blind, Vincent champions the work that is being done across the continent and was the perfect ambassador to engage others on how a life without vision looks like.

The Rotary members generously opened their hearts and their support will impact countless lives in the countries where we work.