July 2017

HNA Group, a global Fortune 500 company focused on tourism, logistics and financial services, on Monday announced more than $35 million in new charitable commitments to programs around the world supporting healthcare, education, and disaster relief.

Among the commitments announced by the group is its continuation of its Africa Brightness Action Program. Over the past 13 years, HNA Group’s Brightness Action campaign has provided free eyesight operations to more than 6,500 patients worldwide. It announced that it would be partnering with NGO Orbis International, to extend their commitment to quality eye health into Africa. The HNA Group will invest $750,000 over five years to fund sight saving surgeries, train local doctors and strengthen ophthalmology in Africa. The program is expected to help improve the eyesight of 5,000 cataract patients and will focus predominantly on eye care interventions in Africa.

Since its founding, HNA Group has made approximately $1.5 billion in charitable contributions across a range of initiatives aimed at supporting communities and empowering individuals with the tools and skills necessary to experience all the goodness life offers. The new commitments were announced at the HNA Group’s annual Charity Night, held this year at the Petit Palais in Paris, France on Monday, June 26.

The prevalence of preventable and treatable visual impairment remains highest on the African continent, with women and children suffering most. An estimated 16.6 million people are suffering from conditions which are treatable or preventable, simply because they don’t have access to quality eye healthcare services. Orbis Africa, through its partnerships with governments, training institutions and industry bodies has established a firm footprint across the African continent and with the support of the HNA Group’s will be able to further expand the reach of its eye health interventions and programmes.

Orbis is excited about the new partnership and the incredible impact it will have on so many people living with needless vision loss. The gift of sight not only restores the dignity of a single person: it empowers families, strengthens communities and ultimately builds stronger countries where individuals can work and provide for their loved ones, and build the lives they dream of. Vision is truly priceless, and we look forward to telling the stories of the thousands of lives that will be forever changed through this powerful collaboration toward a world where no one is needlessly blind.

Editors notes:

Another commitment focuses on Maternal and Infant Healthcare Program, with HNA Group investing $25 million over five years to help aid pregnant women and newborns in disadvantaged communities in China, Ethiopia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia. In cooperation with UNICEF, the program will fund the training of obstetricians and obstetric nurses and provide enhancements to local medical facilities in order improve the quality of infant care and neonatal nursing. The program will also set up technical training and exchange centers in China to export obstetrics rescue experience and technologies to countries along the “One Belt, One Road,” and will work with local and international universities to develop teaching and training programs in order to enhance the knowledge of obstetrics worldwide.