October 2017

33-Year-old Diri lives in the Hammer district, one of many in the South Omo Zone of Ethiopia. A mother of 5, she used to spend most of her time preparing meals and taking care of her family.

By Temesgen Wolde

That was until she started losing her vision five years ago, with accompanying unbearable pain. It came to a point where she was sensitive to light and could not venture outside.

Because she had seen other villagers with similar complaints in the past, she did not seek medical advice. Her condition however, turned out to be Bilateral Trachomatous Trichiasis, a treatable condition. It was only when Orbis, in partnership with Amref Africa, expanded its operations to the area where she lives that she and others suffering needlessly from the same condition were able to access treatment.

Careful counselling led to Diri agreeing to undertake the 78 kilometer trip to the Dinmaka Health Centre to undergo surgery on both eyes; surgery which has since given her back her independence, self-confidence and ability to care for her family.

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