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Djimon Hounsou

Two-time Academy Award-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou was named the Orbis Africa Continental Ambassador in June 2016.

In this role, Hounsou looks to draw attention and prompt immediate action towards the inexcusable issue of avoidable blindness in Africa.

“What I appreciate most is the success that Orbis has enjoyed over its distinguished 30-year history and the level of transparency it has demonstrated in converting funding into a direct impact on people’s lives.  This impact is not only felt by those successfully operated on and given the gift of sight, but also the trained practitioners, empowered with the skills to continue serving their communities.  This is a cause worth advocating for and just the type of impact led organization that the world needs to support,” said Hounsou.

With his roots firmly grounded in Africa, Hounsou believes that if every child can better see the world they live in, they will feel empowered and equipped to change it. Restoring one’s vision, and curing avoidable blindness is arguably one of the most impactful initiatives to break the cycle of poverty, improve lifespan and enable access to education.

The Continental Ambassador campaign is the brain child of social entrepreneur and close friend of Hounsou, Tamer Makary who, together with Orbis Africa, will help drive the Campaign.

“The campaign represents a fresh take on an old problem. Advocacy and awareness is key, which is why the support of credible influencers is crucial. Most avoidable blindness has a known cure; a cure that can be both time and cost efficient. It is now just a matter of further refining a model of comprehensive and inclusive service delivery, to rid the world of an avoidable problem and guarantee all people their inalienable right to sight,” explained Makary.


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