It is estimated that nearly a quarter of a million Cameroonians suffer from blindness and 600 000 suffer from vision loss. Cataract contributes to nearly half of the cases of blindness in the country. Unfortunately, there is a lack of skilled human resources, infrastructure and equipment to adequately address eye care needs.


Orbis Africa and our partners are working to develop and strengthen human resource capacity of ophthalmologists, nurses and biomedical technicians.
Orbis Africa and our partners will advocate with the national government for the implementation of a human resource for eye health plan.
We will work to strengthen procurement and inventory systems already in place.
We will improve existing infrastructure.


Orbis Africa is just beginning our work with the tertiary facility, Yaoundé Central Hospital, to enhance quality, efficiency and accessibility of eye health services in the ophthalmology unit. We have a strong foundation and plan in place to grow our work in Cameroon. We are a key partner in growing the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute into a sub speciality eye health training centre for Francophone Africa.


Orbis conducted a Flying Eye Hospital programme in Cameroon in 2013 to kick off a long-term commitment in the country
His Excellency the Prime Minister and key government officials visited the programme in 2013 to help lay the foundation for more opportunities to advocate for greater attention to eye care in the region.


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