It is estimated that around 180,000 people in Cameroon suffer from blindness and an additional 330,000 suffer from moderate to severe vision loss. Unfortunately, there is a lack of skilled human resources, infrastructure and equipment to adequately address eye care needs which is why it has the fifth highest prevalence of blindness in the world.


 Orbis Africa and our partners are working to develop and strengthen human resource capacity of ophthalmologists, nurses and biomedical technicians.

 Orbis is one of the only NGOs in the country focusing on paediatric eye healthcare and is supporting the Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute’s goal to be a Francophone sub-specialty eye-health training centre for all sub-specialities including paediatrics.

 Orbis Africa and our partners will advocate with the national government for the implementation of a human resource for eye health plan.

 We will work to strengthen procurement and inventory systems already in place.

 We will improve existing infrastructure.


In 2014 Orbis entered a partnership with public hospital Yaoundé Central Hospital (YCH) to establish a comprehensive eye-care service programme. In the same year, Orbis entered into a private partnership with non-profit organisation The Magrabi Foundation to establish a Paediatric Teaching and Training Centre at the Magrabi International Council of Ophthalmology Cameroon Eye Institute (MICEI).


 Upon invitation from His Excellency the Prime Minister, Orbis conducted a Flying Eye Hospital. (FEH) programme in Cameroon in 2013 to kick off a long-term commitment in the country. The FEH visited the country for the second time in October 2017.

 The programmes at YCH and MICEI are complementary as children are referred from YCH to MICEI for specialist care. Orbis is one of the only NGOs in the country focusing on paediatric eye healthcare and is supporting MICEI’s goal to be a Francophone sub-specialty eye health training centre for all sub-specialities including paediatrics. Since 2014 Orbis has implemented several initiatives that have strengthened YCH and MICEI’s capacity to deliver high-quality eye care services including:

– Staging multi-disciplinary training programmes.
– Building the surgical and clinical skills of doctors and equipping nurses with essential eye care skills.
– Providing critical ophthalmic equipment for adults and children.
– Supporting the design of a child-friendly ward at MICEI.


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