Asegedech Get Her Future Back

Thirteen year old Asegedech, who lives with her family in southern Ethiopia, had been suffering with severe trachoma for over two years. Initially her mother took her to a traditional healer which only made her condition worse. While many children her age went off to school each day, Asegedech was forced to stay at home as she was in excruciating pain and her vision was so poor. Trachoma roughens the inside of the eyelids, so for Asegadech, every blink felt like sandpaper rubbing the eye.

One day, an Orbis-trained eye care worker was visiting Asegedech’s village and noticed her weeping, sore eyes. Asegedech was immediately prescribed an antibiotic, which she collected from her local health centre in a nearby town. At the health centre she was aided by public nurse named Tsehay, who had received eye care training from Orbis.

Thanks to the support of our most generous donors who help fund eye health training programmes in southern Ethiopia, Asegedech was finally treated for trachoma, she is no longer in pain and she has returned to school to receive the education that every child deserves.

Women and girls are three times as likely to be affected by trachoma because of exposure via their children and often have to stop work, risking their livelihood and independence.

Orbis identifies and trains people in local communities, including teachers, to look out for the signs of eye disease. We support the mass distribution of Zithromax – an antibiotic that can treat the early stages of infection. It cost just 15 cent to distribute the antibiotic to treat Asegedech.

Please support our Incredible Women and you can help give the gift of sight to another child. You can help train another eye care worker, who will help children like Asegedech. You can create a world free from avoidable blindness.

By supporting Orbis Africa you are not only saving a person’s sight, you’re giving them their future back.


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